What is The Furnace?

The Furnace is a day and night corporate prayer room which exists to bless God, our city and region. Built in the spirit of David’s Tabernacle, it is a place of perpetual prayer, petition, worship, adoration and praise. It is a community space set aside to minister to God and to be ministered to by Him.

It is a holy place set apart for the express purpose of encountering His presence both individually and corporately. This expression is a critical part of God’s plan to bring His kingdom and glory to our city. It is also a major component in equipping the Body of Christ and seeing her come into greater maturity.

This expression of enjoyable prayer is a glorious mixture of music, prayer and art. This expression was pioneered by King David in the Old Testament where he gathered thousands of full-time musicians and singers to minister to God and declare His word. This beautiful idea of a community engaging God in musical/artful prayer has been passed down through the centuries and has found a welcome place in a generation desperate to connect with the Living God.

What to Expect

Devotional Sets: These sets typically center around a single person singing their heart to God and worshipping Jesus.

Prayer Sets: These sets emphasize corporate prayer through either meditation on a passage of Scripture or intercession on a particular topic.


Monday Evenings 5pm-9pm

Devotional Set: 5-6pm

Devotional Set: 6-7pm

Prayer Set: 7-9pm

Come join us!


The Furnace currently meets at the Renew Church building:

1677 SW 35th St, Corvallis, OR 97333